Railway Transportation

“Railway is our business”…

As Colos Logistics, we offer our customers an environmentally friendly, innovative and cost-effective safe transportation service in Europe and all CIS regions, thanks to our expert staff and experience in this sector.

The most important advantage of railway transportation is the cost of transportation. It is possible to send high quantities of products quickly and at reasonable prices to terrestrial points where transportation is not possible by sea. Another advantage of railway transportation is that it is a transportation mode that pollutes the environment at a minimum level. Railway transport offers advantages over other transport modes at 3 points. Cost effective, Minimally polluting transport, Safe transport of large quantities of products…

Advantages of Railway Transportation

It is an environmentally sensitive transportation type.

It is safer than other transport types.

Relieves road traffic.

Unlike other transport alternatives, there is a long-term fixed price guarantee.

While transitional restrictions exist on the road in international passages, transit superiority is given due to being a preferred mode of transport for transit countries.

Although transit times are a little longer than road, the voyage times are fixed. Very suitable for heavy tonnage and bulky loads


Railway Services

Railway transport solutions in the corridor between Turkey and Asia, Europe, Russia and Middle East countries

Block train service

Scheduled Departures

Reliable delivery times

Railway + TIR combined transport solutions

Railway + Marine combined transportation

Domestic railway-linked port – factory transports

Integrated multi-modal services by road and sea

Our expert team will create the perfect transportation project in terms of speed and service quality with the most suitable solutions for you. Just contact us for our special transportation options.