Multi-Modal Transportation

“Fast and environmentally friendly transport”

We carry the import and export loads by combining different transportation modes in the most appropriate way according to the your special requirements. With our turnkey project management, we are able to perform multi-modal transportation services accurately.

As Colos Logistics, we coordinate all the instruments of the sector in a way that will be the most economical and hassle free for you; our valued customers. As well as road transportation, we organize the most suitable transportation plan for the location with sea, rail and air transport services. Taking into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transport, we offer the most optimum solutions to our customers by keeping the advantages at the maximum level and the disadvantages at the minimum level with our result-oriented project management approach.

Our expert team will create the perfect transportation project in terms of speed and service quality with the most suitable solutions for you. Just contact us for our special transportation options.