About Us

As Colos Logistics, we aim to provide qualified, innovative and reliable service to our customers.

Through our experience over 15 years in the logistics industry, customer oriented and boutique service approach, we have taken to develop our cooperation as principle, not merely as a service provider, but also being as a “business partner”, while offering the most reliable service to meet the needs in the field of logistics of our clients especially in Turkey, Middle East, Central Asia and in European countries, within the scope of the most competitive conditions possible.

For this purpose, our main goal is to produce the fastest solution to the expectations of our customers by serving with high quality standards with our team-mates who are experienced in their field and who have a professional perspective.

Our Vision

To be a leader brand that is reliable, searching for solutions, innovative and continuously improving itself in all modes of transportation in logistics and international transportation sector in the challenging geographies it targets.

Our Mission

To become a Transparent, Trusted and Strategic Business Partner aiming to increase their competitiveness by providing “one-stop service” to its customers with integrated logistics services that develop its experience gained in almost all fields of logistics from a professional perspective and to create a difference by taking innovation and continuous development as a principle.

Our Values

Respect for Cultures

Continuous Improvement/Development


Being Collaborative




Taking Responsibility

Respect for the Environment


Quality Policy

Believing that quality is customer satisfaction, Colos Logistics Management aims at achieving a superior quality level with low cost by aiming to make service production accurately.

Accordingly, Colos Management; has adopted the Excellence Approach, which is in essence a constant improvement, learning and innovation that meets the expectations of its customers, employees, suppliers, society and shareholders in a well balanced way.

Ohs and Environmental Policy

Colos Logistics, by regularly reviewing the environmental / OHS hazard sources of its logistics services,

Commits to continuously improve the environment and OHS performance in line with its objectives and targets,

To prevent environmental pollution by using environmentally friendly and OHS-free technologies in its activities,

To prevent possible accidents and occupational diseases by creating a healthier and safer working environment,

Making occupational health and safety / environmental awareness a way of life,

And commit to comply with applicable legal and other responsibilities for environmental and OHS activities.


As Colos Logistics, we attach importance to our environmental impacts, energy efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions and waste management. We try to choose renewable sources when determining energy sources.

By measuring our energy consumption, we determine what needs to be done to reduce them. In this context, we review both our operational processes and our support activities. While determining the business partners to work within the scope of waste management, we pay attention to work in compliance with legal and other requirements.