Airline Transportation

“We fly all over the world”…

Within the scope of our speed and time saving air transportation service, we provide export and import services to all countries of the world with confidence and with special solutions.

Air transportation is a more suitable transportation method for medium and long distances, but it is especially preferred for the transportation of valuable materials such as spare parts, books, medicines, fresh fruits and vegetables, and perishable food products. The main advantage of airway transportation is the rapid delivery of export goods by this transport method. In addition, by combining air transportation with other transportation methods, it provides the possibility of delivering the products to the warehouses of the customers. Another important advantage of air transportation is that it is a safe transportation method.

Airway Services

– Scheduled Services

– Priority Flight Opportunities

– Pre/On Carriage Organizations

– Warehousing and Storage Solutions

– Domestic / International Customs Clearance and Insurance Transactions

– Combined Air & Sea / Land / Railway Transportation

Our expert team will create the perfect transportation project in terms of speed and service quality with the most suitable solutions for you. Just contact us for our special transportation options.